luni, 19 octombrie 2009

Viaţa pe drumuri

Sau de la ploaia tropicală la burniţa mioritică...

În Lonely Planet e un capitolaş numit "Life on the road"... Cîteva pasaje:
Today is the day you pack up and move to the next town. Arriving at the destination station, the bus is flanked by touts all thirsty for your business. First you haggle the transport price to the guesthouse. The driver's price is always inflated with the 'I'm new in town' tax. [...] You use your budget senses to sniff out the best score in town and in a few hours, you're camped out in the shade with a steamy bowl of noodles and a sweaty bottle of beer. Beats the wage-slave life.

of, offf, of

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